Malaysian Psychologist Salaries and Entry Requirements

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Malaysian Psychologist Salaries and Entry Requirements

There are several things that you must know to become a psychology professional in Malaysia. Listed below are some of the salary options available for Malaysia psychologists. You will also find the entry requirements for becoming a psychologist in Malaysia. In addition, you will find some information on the entry requirements for clinical psychologists and counseling psychologists. Read on for more information! Listed below are the salary options of clinical psychologists and counseling psychologists in Malaysia.

Salary of a malaysia psychologist

The salary of a Malaysia psychologist is relatively high, with an average increase of 14% every 18 months. The national average is about $64,240 per year, with individual salaries varying from one state to another. A psychology degree is one of the most popular in Malaysia, and graduates are often rewarded with many different career paths. And because of its high demand, it’s a rapidly growing field. If you’re interested in becoming a psychologist, now is the best time to find out more about what this career has to offer.

The salary of a psychologist in Malaysia varies widely, and the average salary is between 257,700 MYR. In order to determine how much you might earn, you need to know how many other people with the same job title earn in Malaysia. The SalaryFinder tool can help you determine your market value. If you have completed your graduate degree, you may want to consider other possible career paths, such as clinical psychology, neuropsychology, or forensic psychology.

Entry requirements for a malaysia psychologist

There are many entry requirements for becoming a psychologist in Malaysia. The education required is six to eight years, and students must complete the Pre-University Programme, which lasts one to two years. After graduating, students can pursue their graduate studies. The entry requirements will vary by programme. To get an idea of the entry requirements for each programme, consult the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. Applicants can also check out the Comparative List of International Qualifications with STPM and SPM.

To become a clinical psychologist in Malaysia, applicants must have a Master’s degree in Psychology. Then, they must complete at least 1500 supervised hours, including at least 700 direct hours with clients. In Malaysia, clinical psychology is governed by the Allied Health Professions Act 2016. Psychologists in the country diagnose, treat and provide psychological assessment. They also work with the general public to address mental health issues. Entry requirements for a Malaysia psychologist vary depending on the type of clinical psychology they work with.

Salary of a counseling psychologist

The average gross annual salary for a Counseling Psychologist in Malaysia is RM108,797, which translates to RM52 an hour. The salary includes bonuses, which average between 5% and 9% of the base salary. This salary is based on survey data from anonymous employees in Malaysia. The salary ranges from RM77,100 for an entry-level position to RM135,817 for a senior-level counselor.

The salary of a counseling psychologist in Malaysia varies greatly, depending on their location, education, and level of experience. In Klang, an entry-level Counseling Psychologist can expect to earn RM110,340. With two to five years of experience, a Counseling Psychologist can expect to earn up to RM148,300. However, a career in this field is not for the faint-hearted.

Salary of a clinical psychologist

Occupational data show that salaries for Clinical Psychologist are generally lower than other health care professions. Those with ten to fifteen years of experience earn around twenty-nine thousand MYR per month, while those with less than two years of experience earn about seventeen thousand MYR. However, the number of female employees in this profession is significantly higher. For this reason, the salary of a Clinical Psychologist is expected to rise.

The MSCP, a professional organization in Malaysia for clinical psychology, has published salary surveys based on data collected from various employers. The salary of a clinical psychologist in Malaysia varies from ten to twenty-two thousand MYR, with the lowest pay being ten thousand MYR. The MSCP is a local association for clinical psychologists, which works to advance the field in the country. However, entering a Master’s degree program for clinical psychology is competitive in most countries, including Malaysia.

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