Adventure Dog WalkActivites

Trail Hike

Hikes Activities are decided according to your pet's ability and activity level. Stick-throws, stream-swims, and a steady pace are guaranteed to result in increase of pets' happiness.

Park Play

Perfect for any pup in need of exciting pursuits. Non-stop Frisbee, ball-toss, chasing, romping and sniffing are trademarks of our park outings without leash which is totally legal.

Bloack Walk

Great for the older dogs, or puppy's that are still likes to play, or for dogs with social issues. We begin with a roll around the neighborhood. Once we arrive home, it is time to spoil them with belly rubs, water-play, brushing, massage, and lots of codding. Which dog can't resist?

Pet Sitting & Valet

Pet Sitting

A fantastic way to kenneling that includes an exciting walk every day! Staying in the comfort of your home minimizes stress and aids to maintain happiness in your dog's life. All dogs are welcomed. We will feed, walk, run and play with all dogs, and take care of all other household duties.

Pet Valet

We will pick-up and drop-off your pets anywhere you prefer in the nearby area. Veterinary visits, grooming appointments and even drop-offs or pick-ups at the airport!

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